Just like you, we're following best practices recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. Cleanse our hands, stay a safe distance away from others, wear a mask. But a mask alone won't stop all the airborne “gens” -- allerGENS / pathoGENS / contaGENS -- from reaching your lungs (especially if it's not fitted correctly). Who knew the struggle for clean air could get so personal? This is why we’re taking it a step further than the CDC recommends and adding a critical additional layer of protection—clean air.

FACT: We wear a mask to protect others from us.

But what is there to protect us?

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The best wearable personal air purifier on the planet.
Only better.

FACT: We wear a mask to protect others from us.

Now there's something to protect us!

Mask + RIA =

Best in Class
Personal Protection

Indoor air is nearly 5X more dangerous than the air outside!

  • Chemicals
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Allergens
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • and other junk

Wearing a mask minimizes your risk. But not all masks are created equal.


2-13% filtration

General Mask

38% filtration

N95 Mask

95% filtration

Man wearing mask for protection against indoor air dangers
Visible virus particles in airIndoor Air dust particles

It’s pretty much impossible to always keep your mask on.

Like when you're sipping a drink, enjoying a meal, or munching on a snack.

Take back control over the air you breathe.

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Make RIA—the ONLY personal two-stage air purifier—your new essential accessory.

Surround every breath with the gold-standard of air purification, whether you're able to wear a mask, or not. Because breathing better air makes you happier and healthier. It doesn’t get more personal than that.

A wearable personal air purifier with two power-packed layers of air purification. For humans who like to breathe.

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1st Layer of Defense: Certified HEPA filter with activated carbon.

HEPA, the High Efficiency Particulate Air filter is the workhorse of any purifier. Constructed with tightly woven, electrostatically charged fibers, HEPA filters act as a magnet, trapping airborne irritants before they're inhaled. RIA exceeds a HEPA Level 12 (H12) standard*. That’s the highest grade non-medical filter made, so unless you’re a surgeon or working with deadly viruses in a lab or something, you can count on it being really good at doing its job.

HEPA filter with macro view of allergens caught in the filter

Why we chose the H12 filter.

HEPA filters are broadly used because they're considered optimal for most biological applications, including healthcare. HEPA filters combined with activated carbon, trap up to 99%+ of particles as small as 0.3 microns (smaller than smoke!) plus larger particles like allergens, dust, bacteria, and spores. Activated carbon is great for allergy sufferers or people especially sensitive to air pollution and secondhand smoke. The grade of HEPA or the level of efficiency is presented in a range.

HEPA graph showing affect of mask on air flow

2nd Layer of Defense:
Negative Ion technology

When a negative is a positive, it's ionic.

You can’t taste them. You can’t see them. But fresh air is teeming with negative ions. These ions are good for the human body while positive ions are harmful. When the air is packed with negative ions, it becomes less polluted with harmful particles.

Negative ions make you feel energized, happier, and healthier. On the other hand, positive ions attack in the form of indoor pollution. You'll find the highest concentration of unhealthy positive ions in polluted cities, crowded areas, and confined spaces like offices, industrial areas, schools, and cars.

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Air Purification + Aromatherapy?

Powerfully pure scent-therapy,
that’s Aromafication™!

Sometimes called essential oil therapy, Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses aromatic natural concentrated plant extracts (essential oils) to promote the health and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit, enhancing both physical and emotional health.

Research indicates that breathing in the aroma of essential oils can stimulate your sense of smell, activating your brain’s limbic system, the part of your mind responsible for regulating your emotions, memories, motivation, and ability to learn.

Essential oils lavender, orange and rosemary

Two layers of protection.

One layer of delight!

While essential oils smell amazing, they offer so much more. When coupled with the air purification power of RIA, they may also help you breathe better, feel more relaxed, happier, or focused, depending on the oil you choose.

New research shows that the actives in essential oils, such as oregano, thyme, lemon, lavender or specific blends such as “Thieves oil” (to name only a few) may even be able to fight off bacteria and viruses that are resistant to antibiotics.

With RIA you have your own aromatherapist on-call!

Use it to curate a truly personalized therapeutic atmosphere of your choosing, instantly and interchangeably!

Begin your Aromafication™ journey
Man drinking punch while wearing RIA and enjoying his personal clean zone
Wind Illustration

Create your personal healthy air safety zone.

The focused air volume of 50m/h creates a 12in blanket around your nose and mouth, piping clean air where you need it most.

Surround your every breath with the gold-standard of air purification, whether you're able to wear a mask, or not. Because breathing better air makes you happier and healthier.

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Three settings at the touch of a button.

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ION only

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HEPA only

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Create a 2-layer clean air extravaganza.
We highly recommend the extravaganza!

Purify your space with RIA's powerful 1-2 punch.

Don't take another breath
without it!

Three settings at the touch of a button.

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ION only
RIA HEPA Mode Icon
HEPA only
RIA ION Generation iconRIA HEPA Mode Icon

The buzz from our beta testers


Interior Designer

Houston, TX

While in a client’s home, wearing RIA offers that additional safety measure that I never leave home without. I have clients who are excited that it’ll be an option for them too.


Registered Nurse (Retired)

Orlando, FL

Being in my 70s, the additional peace of mind that RIA offers over and above my mask is a priceless addition right now.



Orlando, FL

Being back in the counseling center, offering my patients the option of wearing a RIA has proven a welcomed addition to them, and a comfort for me.


Salon Owner

Winter Garden, FL

When I have a client in my chair, a mask is a must. But wearing RIA is a super nice addition -- especially when I can take my mask off -- because I know it’s helping to really protect me.


Concert Production Manager

Nashville, TN

I'm impressed by how light it is. I barely notice it, and I wear it all day.



Denver, CO

Wearing RIA on my recent business flight was really the only thing that helped to lower my sky-high anxiety levels

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