Air Purification + Aromatherapy?

Powerfully pure scent-therapy,
that’s Aromafication™!

Sometimes called essential oil therapy, Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses aromatic natural concentrated plant extracts (essential oils) to promote the health and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit, enhancing both physical and emotional health.

Research indicates that breathing in the aroma of essential oils can stimulate your sense of smell, activating your brain’s limbic system, the part of your mind responsible for regulating your emotions, memories, motivation, and ability to learn.

Essential oils lavender, orange and rosemary

Two layers of protection.

One layer of delight!

While essential oils smell amazing, they offer so much more. When coupled with the air purification power of RIA, they may also help you breathe better, feel more relaxed, happier, or focused, depending on the oil you choose.

New research shows that the actives in essential oils, such as oregano, thyme, lemon, lavender or specific blends such as “Thieves oil” (to name only a few) may even be able to fight off bacteria and viruses that are resistant to antibiotics.

Ready to begin your Aromafication™ journey?

Aromafication oil being added to the charcoal side of the RIA HEPA filter

Activating RIA’s Aromafication™ benefits is easy.

Simply add 2-3 drops (maximum) of high quality essential oils  (see our top brand recommendations below!) spread evenly over the activated carbon side of the HEPA filter.

Feel like something more -- Uplifting? Relaxing? Soothing? Creative? Restorative? Stimulating?  --  selecting a different #Scentventure is as easy as popping-in a new filter dotted with the oil of your choosing!


Your air. Your scent.

With RIA, the Aromafication™ experience is entirely yours. As you go about your day, RIA will disperse the therapeutic scent through your purified air zone, allowing your respiratory system to absorb it gently and naturally.

With regular use, you can count on your personal Aromafication™ cycle to last for about a week to ten days.

Young woman in relaxed yoga pose on a bed wearing RIA

Depending on the essential oil used, you may find yourself…

More focused at work

Relaxing easier when it’s time to take a break

Going strong during cold and flu season

Feeling calm and balanced

Young woman focused at work while wearing RIA
Man with grey bear relaxing in coffee shop listening to music while wearing RIA
Woman out for an autumnal walk wearing RIA
Man in suit feeling calm and balanced while wearing RIA

Aromafication™ Realized

OMG I love, love, love this! I originally begged the team to be a beta tester so that I could wear RIA on a business flight. But when I learned I could add essential oils -- total game changer! All of my filters are armed with different oils to suit my mood. But when I’m (forced) to fly, my must-have is Fighting Five from Eden’s Garden. With RIA, I have total control: My air. My scent. I mean seriously, all these on-the-go protections rolled into one travel-ready device?! Freakin’ brillant!


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As a licensed therapist I’m just beginning to use RIA as an interactive aromatherapy tool for my patients. I have a few filters loaded with very specific blends -- personal fan of Edens Garden and Youngs Living. At the beginning of each session I ask my patient to first smell, and then choose. That’s their personal experience during the duration of our session. Because RIA offers a 100% personal experience, I have my own blend happening which is often different to that of my patients. It’s proving to be a worthwhile and unique experience that I want to expand on with even more blend options.


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Truth is I originally bought my RIA because of the air purification properties. That’s truly its most valuable benefit for me. But once I found out I could also make it my own personal aromatherapy device, I’m wearing it more than ever! Personal fav right now, is Spa Essential blend from Plant Life. It instantly envelops me with calm. And who doesn’t need some extra calm right now?!!


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My Mom is a retired RN in her 70s. Keeping my parents safe(r) is my top priority. I gave them both RIA’s, which they wear religiously. But before now my Mom had no real interest in aromatherapy. But in traveling to all kinds of doctor’s appointments recently, I introduced her to Tranquility by Aura Cacia. My bottle is now her bottle. Every appointment, every grocery trip, every outing, she’s armed with her ‘RIA Tranquility pill’ as she calls it. I think it’s an experience that speaks volumes.


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I rely on Marjoram from Young Living to boost the benefits of my RIA. Marjoram has this really cozy, woodsy smell that’s really calming and adding a drop to the HEPA filter in my RIA allows it to slowly diffuse throughout the day, which really helps keep my stress level down


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My unwind and relax secret is two drops of doTerra Cedarwood essential oil. Instantly transports me back to my last trip to the mountains. I call it my brain vacation. Works every time!.


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African American woman working on laptop while wearing RIA

I have several essential oil diffusers and nebulizers at home. Love them! However, we’re not allowed to diffuse oil at the office. Enter RIA. I can’t believe how invaluable I find this little device. Clean air + a personalized aromatherapy experience? It doesn’t get better than that in my world!


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Whether you want to boost the wellness benefits of RIA with an essential oil that helps ward off colds, flu, and other viruses, or you just want to relax with purified air and a soothing scent at home, we strongly recommend sticking to high quality essential oils.

To get the most out of your Aromafication™ experience, we welcome you to browse our FAQs to read more.

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