Wearable wellness technology to ward-off colds and flu

We are living in a world that is quickly approaching a new standard of wellness, one managed and supported by wearable wellness technology. Smart tech that dictates what we should eat, how much water we need to stay healthy, how often to exercise, to stand, and even those that clean the air in front of our nose and mouth before we can inhale harmful airborne particles is the new normal. Meeting the wellness needs of today goes far beyond traditional aromatherapy and meditation. At the touch of a button, RIA offers the power of a whole-home air purifier, in a personal wearable wellness device so small, it’s worn comfortably around your neck. This is how you create your personal healthy air safety zone. 

“Google Trends shows that search for air purifiers is at the highest it's been in the last five years and another report from Million Insights predicts that demand for air purifiers will continue to increase over the next few months,” according to USA Today.

Why is that? Because airborne pathogens and virus-causing bacteria can lead to illness when they are inhaled. 

Never before has there been a wearable wellness device like RIA.

RIA offers two levels of air purification power, plus the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy, creating what we call Aromafication™. Let’s start with RIA’s first level of defense. HEPA, the High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, known as the workhorse of any purifier. Constructed with tightly woven, electrostatically charged fibers, HEPA filters act as a magnet, trapping airborne irritants before they're inhaled. RIA exceeds a HEPA H12 standard*. That’s the highest grade non-medical filter made, and even NASA says it can be counted on to trap most viruses and pathogens before they reach your lungs. 

Why we chose the H12 filter.

HEPA filters are broadly used because they're considered optimal for most biological applications, including healthcare. HEPA filters combined with activated carbon, trap up to 99%+ of particles as small as 0.3 microns (smaller than smoke!) plus larger particles like allergens, dust, bacteria, and spores. Activated carbon is great for allergy sufferers or people especially sensitive to air pollution and secondhand smoke. The grade of HEPA or the level of efficiency is presented in a range.


For True HEPA, the range is from H10 to H12. Medical-grade HEPA filters fall under H13 to H14. The higher the grade, the better the filter, right?  Not necessarily. In this case, "better" is only true in a narrowly-defined sense. Hospital ICUs, surgical theaters, pharmaceutical manufacturers and electronic control teams use higher-rated filters for their denser web of fibers, which increases the number of trapped particles. However, the denser labyrinth of fibers also decreases the amount of airflow.  So ultimately the denser media translates to less air actually being "cleaned". At H12, RIA strikes an ideal balance, the Gollilock's standard shall we say, between airflow and particle capture. Because we believe clean air is only really useful if it reaches your lungs. 

But HEPA filtration is just half the level of protection RIA offers. Research shows negative ion generation provides scientifically-proven wellness benefits. Especially beneficial with the way RIA is designed to be worn around the neck, so the air directly in front of your nose and mouth receives the benefit of negative ion generation. 

Consider this study conducted in a Swiss textile mill. Negative ion purifiers were placed in two, 60′ x 60′ rooms, with 22 employees in each room. In Room #1, the negative ion purifier was turned on while they worked. In Room #2, the negative ion air purifier was permanently turned off, although the employees in this room thought they were working in a room enriched with negative ions. During this six-month study, the employees in Room #1 took 22 sick days. The Room #2 employees took 64 sick days. And, during a month-long flu epidemic, the employees in Room #1 only took 3 sick days, while the employees in Room #2 took a total of 40 sick days.” 

What are negative ions?

Negative ions have been called “vitamins of the air.”

Every day you inhale millions of negative and positive ions; odorless, tasteless molecules, which either support or weaken your immune system. High concentrations of negative ions; also known as anions, are scientifically proven to relieve stress, alleviate depression, boost energy, and even help you sleep better. Positive ions attack the organs in the form of pollution, pathogens, allergens, smoke, and other airborne toxins. Overexposure to positive ions may leave you feeling depressed, tired, and anxious. When positive ions meet negative ions they bond together like magnets, forming a new ion that’s too heavy to stay in the air, making it one less bad thing for you to inhale. 

“Anions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in higher alertness and more mental energy. They also may protect against germs in the air, resulting in decreased irritation due to inhaling various particles that make you sneeze, cough, or have a throat irritation. Air conditioning depletes the atmosphere of negative ions, but an ion generator re-releases the ions that air conditioners remove.” says Pierce J. Howard, PhD and author of The Owner’s Manual for the Brain. 

RIA generates 1.5 million negative ions directly around your nose and mouth, so you feel more energized, happier, and healthier. 

Aromafication™ is not your mother’s aromatherapy. 

Aromafication™ combines the gold-standard of air purification with the ancient art of essential oil therapy. RIA is essentially a personal aromatherapist, designed to curate a truly personalized therapeutic atmosphere of your choosing, instantly and interchangeably. 

Want to feel more relaxed? More energized? Healthier? Simply add 2-3 drops of high-quality essential oil to the RIA, and your preferred therapeutic scent will be diffused through your purified air zone as you go about your day, allowing your respiratory system to absorb it gently and naturally, helping you unwind, focus, or ward off colds, flu, and other viruses, depending on the oil or blend you choose.  

And with the stress of today’s world, turning back to the centuries old science of essential oil therapy seems like the ideal solution for juggling the modern world’s unique demands. You may also be interested to learn that breathing in the aroma of essential oils can stimulate your sense of smell and activate your brain’s limbic system, the part of your mind responsible for regulating your emotions, memories, motivation, and ability to learn. 

There’s never been a better time to use advanced wellness technology to take back control of your personal breathing space.

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*EPA H12 certification benchmark 99.5%. RIA has been independently 3rd party tested and verified to exceed that standard with results of 99.85%.