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It's pronounced RRYYY...AHHHHH!

Get a piece of the $4.2 TRILLION wellness industry today!

Harnessing the power of a whole home air purifier into a personal air purification device, so sleek, you can wear it around your neck; it’s little wonder why RIA is fast becoming an essential accessory!

The epitome of wearable wellness, RIA is the only personal air purification device of its kind to feature Aromafication™, a personal protection system developed using 2-layers of scientifically proven air purification PLUS the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy.

Power-packed personal protection served-up in a brand-new way. Yep, it’s all RIA!

As the most powerful personal air purifier on the market, RIA makes you feel as good as it sounds!

The ONLY wearable device of its kind engineered with HEPA filtration and negative ion technology to capture 99+% of airborne pathogens before they reach your lungs. With the added wellness benefits of aromatherapy, wearers have complete control of their personal air quality and experience.

Independently third-party tested and verified to improve personal indoor air quality, RIA is also adjustable, ergonomic, lightweight, whisper-quiet, travel-ready and USB-rechargeable, so you can power up in the car, at the office, or at home.

RIA enables wearers independent control of their own personal indoor air quality, on-the-go.

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